Lennon's Bar & Venue

Lennon's Bar & Venue

Durrow, Co. Laois

Lennon's Bar

Established 1947



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Upcoming events at Lennon's Bar & Venue. From Live Sports, Darts, Pool and Poker to Live Bands & DJ Sets, Lennon's has it all!

Abbaesque @ Lennon’s Venue

May Bank Holiday Weekend SUNDAY May 1ST @ 10PMLive in The Courtyard @ Lennon's Bar & Venue.In Association with the Durrow Lions AFC Development Fundraising... Read More "Abbaesque @ Lennon’s Venue"

Chantel Kavanagh

Chantel Kavanagh Live @ Lennon's Bar & Venue After a massive Easter weekend we look forward to the next one!The excellent 22 year old Dj... Read More "Chantel Kavanagh"

The Courtyard @ Lennon’s Bar & Venue

Live Music With The Dooley Brothers Bank Holiday Weekend @ Lennon's Bar & Venue!We are delighted to announce we have the Brilliant Dooley Brothers live... Read More "The Courtyard @ Lennon’s Bar & Venue"

Music @ Lennon's Bar

News of all upcoming events at Lennon's Bar & Venue & a nostalgic look back at some of the many great nights at Lennon's

DJ Nights

From The Archives

A look back at some really special memories from Lennon's Bar

Al Gibbs & Jenny Greene @ Lennon’s Venue

Al & Jenny @ Lennon's Venue - April 2019 A look back at another wonderful night at Lennon's Bar & Venue! It only seems like a... Read More "Al Gibbs & Jenny Greene @ Lennon’s Venue"

Aslan – Live @ Lennon’s Bar & Venue

Aslan In Durrow 2019 Aslan have twice appeared at Lennon's Bar & Venue, and absolutely wowed the place on both occasions! Their first performance with... Read More "Aslan – Live @ Lennon’s Bar & Venue"

Spanner In The Works @ Lennon’s 2010

Spanner In The Works The 'Spanners" were a fixture at Lennon's Bar in the early 1990s, packing the place out, Sunday after Sunday, and treating... Read More "Spanner In The Works @ Lennon’s 2010"

Looking Back 2013

New Year's Eve 2013 A few photographs from the archives of another great night at Lennon's Bar & Venue, on New Year's Eve 2013!Few tired... Read More "Looking Back 2013"

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Great Venue!!

First time to visit Lennon's in Durrow, and it's like the Tardis! Looks like any pub in any village from the outside, but once the music lures you in, you discover the place is massive! Great night with Welshy performing and a great crowd too! All in good spirit, and plenty of bouncers just in case! Will definitely be back!
Martin O’Doherty

Martin O’Doherty

Exceptional Gig!

Amazing venue was very surprised by the size , staff were very efficient never waited for a drink which you would expect to at a venue that size and at such an exceptional gig! Live Music - Great Value.
Barbara Delaney

Barbara Delaney